Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sunday In Solo. Sunrise was at 0530 and what better ways than to have some fun with the Kois in the garden. Then 1 hour of Qigong and be ready for mass at 0730.

Catholics Church Community. Attending service in Bahasa Indonesia was difficult for me. Couldn't figure out exactly what the priest was saying but being 1st Sun of ADVENT , Michelle told me that the readings are the same as it would have been in Singapore churches. The church was crowded . The choir was excellent. After service, many parishsioners are helping to raise fund by selling food. Hawkers are also seen outside the church providing unique kampong food and home made cakes

Banana fritters in different style are popular with locals and children are also seen to be buying just plain ice-cubes. Again another testimony of community spirit within the Indonesian Culture in a catholic church environment.

Last of Bali

The Last Of Bali. After spending 6 nights in Bali and changing hotels 4 times, so that we could see the different locations in Bali, it was time to go. For the week we were just able to cover the southern part of Bali - Kuta , Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Ubud and the Eastern coastline. There are much much more to cover and I think spending one month in Bali should be about right.

After a good breakfast Patrice had yet another dip before she unwillingly gave up to leave.

Wild Squirrels - Very Tame
There is something very strange at this attraction. There are at least 10 squirrels that runs around this particular tree. There are no fence line, whatsoever, and the squirrels only jump around this particular tree and would come and eat nuts from the palms of your hands..

Armed with a packet of groundnuts, Patrice and I were able to feed the squirrels and even stroke some of them. Very unusual for squirrels and what an experience for all of us .

Getting bolder Patrice. who by nature loves animals , could stretch out her hands , feed the squirrel and stroke it at the same time.

After many of us fed the squirrels, Patrice then pointed to a signboard which says " Wild Squirrels - Do Not Feed ".

We finally left Hotel Melia at about 2pm. Highly recommended for stay.

Bali's Safari Park. We went to the Eastern part of Bali, trying to visit the Safari Park. Unfortunately we were rather late arriving at about 4.30pm. The friendly receptionist told us that all the shows are over and it would be better to come back another day and spend half a day at the park to see some of the wild animals in a Safari setting. Patrice was quite happy with the souvenir store though.

Patrice with her souvenirs as compensation .

Bali Sculptures and Arches. As we were returning from the Safari park, we saw many workshops and art centers along the way displaying Bali's artistic archways and statues that are used to decorate their roads , temples, houses, malls, hotels etc.

Walk into one of them and saw the craftsmen using " Volcanic Rocks " to craft out their artwork. Volcanic rocks are soft and could be easily cut and shaved . Nevertheless it is the artistic skills of the Balinese people who now portray their artworks not only in Bali but around the world.

Nikmat Warung. Among the warungs, there are a few popular food stalls and Nikmat was one of the popular one. With about 70,000 rp, we had a real meal for 3 persons. While having lunch, 2 other ladies overheard our conversations on looking for a hotel. They directed us to FLORA hotel which is clean, cheap and cosy just around Nikmat's warung.

FLORA Hotel. We came across this hotel by chance when we were having tea break at a warung. It turn to be a real treat for us. At 550,000 rp and the swimming pool right at our doorstep, it was a real treat to relax after moving around the whole day. Patrice finally had her night swim.

To Solo . We left at 5am from Floral hotel to catch a flight with Mandala Air to Jogjarkarta.
Pic shows Michelle and Patrice posing goodbye to Flora hotel, checking in and arrival at Jogjakarta

Pic shows us checking at Mandala air counter and arrival at Jogjakarta .


Family Auto Venture - Borobudur.
From Solo to Borobudur is 90km. We decided to load the car to full capacity with 5 pax. It was a good drive and we managed to see some scenic spots ,dropping by a popular restaurant for lunch. Connie's local knowledge and the efficient GPS was a breeze to reach our destination .

BOROBUDUR. The single most popular attraction in Java , Borobudur was build with some 2 million block of stones measuring over 60,000 cu metres of stones, between AD 750 and AD 850. Sitting on a base of 118m x 118m , it has 6 square terraces and 3 circular ones. Will be quite an effort to go to the top if you have weak knees. Pic shows the tram sending us to the base of the monument. Patrice decided to opt out when she saw the height of the monument.

Borobudur was buried under volcanic ashes from Gunung Merapi for a long time , until Sir Stamford Raffles, then governing Java restored it. records indicated that the restoration work cost something like US $25m. Another severe blow took onto the monument when oppositions to then President Soehartoe bomb the top layer of the monument. Nevertheless, restoration work continues although many of the small buddhas are headless. BOROBUDUR Was Finally Nominated as a World Heritage Site in1991.

catching a breather on top of One of World's Heritage. Luckily, Patrice decided that she did not want to climb , otherwise we may end -up having to piggy bag her

Looking fresh, using " Qigong Double Intake " to reach the top was a joy. After all the hard work, it is time to have some Fun.

Beliefs has it that if you could touch the legs or hands of a Buddha statue which is encased in a Bell stupa, it will bring you Good Luck. Why Not Michelle ?? Must have used Qigong breathing method to extend her fingers.