Monday, September 21, 2009

About Me

Retired SAF Colonel after 30 years service in '97. Till date, enjoyed the rugged jungles, the mountainous terrains, and the beautiful beachline. The memories of the " FUN n Challenges " with fellow buddies in the service continues to be invaluable. Thanks to the trainings and opportunities provided by the SAF, the urge for fun and challenges remain in my bloodstream.

Operated as Director Operations in Bintan Resort for 4 years, after SAF, allow me to understand Indonesia much better. Managing a mega resort with some 3000 Indonesian friends and expatriates , little that I realized that the entertainment field was a natural environment for me. My experience as a Defence Adviser , in Brunei over 6 years, and my visits to East Malaysia, helped me do my unforgettable stint in Bintan Resorts . Imagine the luxuries to dine at 5 stars hotels ,golfing frequently, sometime working in fairly rustic condition, dealing at the workers level and with Govt officials and visiting dignitaries, actually put my past experiences to test. On the upside, fancy working in The Resorts and back to Singapore over weekends for holidays. It was yet another " Blessed Life ". It was Fun n Challenges for 4 holiday years.

Chinese and Japanese gardens in Singapore took me for yet another challenge, fr 2001. Primary role was to work towards the public image of the the dilapidated gardens, increase the revenue and improve visitorships. Proud of my contributions to turn the dilapidated gardens to regained her old charms. The interest of " Lantern Festivals" and having the passion to create new ideas to turn-around the then dying festival , saw my new footing in creativity . Lantern shows in Singapore is becoming part of us, esp during Mid Autumn and CNY. During the restructuring by JTC, retrenchment turn out to be a blessing in disguise for me to set up my own company.

Lanterns In Motion Pte Ltd, formed by me and daughter Serene, has seen shows all over ASEAN. Our desire to carry these shows to go global , will however have to take a backstage for the time being while the World economy recovers. Meantime we continue to do research and dream of new ideas, just like when we pioneered "Waltz Disneys "and "Hello Kitty " lantern shows over the past 8 years.

With spare time, I learn Qigong with Grandmaster, Anthony Wee .Together with some 20 odd trained instructors, we help run the Chi Dynamic centres in Spore, thus helping many to stay healthy. Michelle and I helped many Cancer patients with the art. A not-for profit org, Chi Dynamics saw many people enjoying the art in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia , Thailand and Indonesia. Neo Chian is one of our 1500 students in Singapore.

Pic on left was taken at Shaolin.

n July, Neo Chian having returned from his ASEAN On Wheels up north broach the idea of covering the Indonesian islands and ending up in Kota Kinabalu thru Miri, Kuching and Brunei . Require no second thought from me, esp when "Home affairs - Michelle" was supportive. Plans, however, will involve her and Li Hoon to join us when we are at the Bali, Lombok, Florets islands . Already many relatives and friends are planning to join us, come mid Nov. Michelle is coordinating the entourage.

As a prelude, Michelle, grand daughter Patrice (8 yrs old) and I visited Central and Eastern Java over 9 days , in early Sep, to try and better understand some of the habits, culture and procedures to get around safely. At home, Neo Chian did the paperwork to prepare our trip. With his experience and exposure on his recent trip , we are full of enthusiasm looking fwd into this interesting, challenging and fun auto-venture. Friends envy what we are about to do but a duration of 2 months will be hard for many to spare. Our plans would be simple - drive for 5 / 6 hours a day. Enjoy and visit places of interest where it is not normal for tourists to go. No pressure of time and plans will change according to circumstances and what we chance upon. Can't afford to wait as age, 63 and 58 is catching up.

Some of the photos during my recent visit show extremely interesting and adventurous terrain and weather conditions. One of which is " Bromo ", in Central Java. You stay on this mountain resort with temperature of single digit and get to see " The Rising Sun " when you scale the highest peak in that region. Ending with a horse ride up to a volcanoe, you get to scale up and into the crater of a active volcano. Driving skills will be put to a test, anticipating winding mountainous terrain to traffic conditions which requires Concentration, Patience and Adaptation for a safe trip. Quite certain Neo Chian and I will discover more and we shall try to update our Blog.Who knows, we may be your next guides to may new places of interests.
On Top Of "BROMO" -10C Kediri, Posarang ( East Java )