Saturday, December 12, 2009

Solo - Breakfast , Wet Market and Istana

Authentic Satay Kambeng Breakfast at Solo's most popular Pak Samin's satay warung was an adventure by itself. The dishes were prepared in different forms - satay sticks, fried mutton and mutton curry to go with rice at 8am. According to Pak Samin (seated with us ) breakfast at his stall starts at 6am and we were already late. If you are not a mutton lover, avoid it. If you love mutton, well it;s Yummy.

SOLO's PASAR GEDEK . Sunday morning - we decided to visit Solo's largest market. The building was fairly big and the market place spread beyond the main building itself, flanked by 2 streets. Areas are allocated according to different products - fruits, pork, fish, chicken, beef and mutton, vegetables etc etc.

The market was packed , showing the economic well being of the Solo people.

Knives and axes in different assortment. Fruits and groceries and sausage skins for stuffing of meats to make into pork sausages.

Breakfast was Soto Ayam (chicken )
Solo's Pasar Gedek. A fairly large market which is rather colorful

Pura Mangunegaran. This palace located in the city area is more than a heritage. Commonly known as the second home of Solo, the current Sultan is still live behind this building. Pic shows the entrance , the main hall and a beautiful bird cage. As it was crowded, we decided to visit it another time.

KRATON SURAKARTA. This is a large palace and there are many many things to see. Some of those that attracted me and for which I can use, perhaps, for my future " Lantern Shows are : Javanese Wedding and Arabic Guards guarding the Palaces

Javanese Kris. A craftsmen and his helper pumping oxygen to heat up the furnace for burning the steel. Javanese are known to carry their knife behind their back unoffensively.

The Hall that display Royal carriages used by different Sultans over the years.

Royal Horse Carriages

Royal Kitchen Rice Pot

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