Saturday, December 5, 2009

Qigong Mountainous Retreat - Day 2

Qigong Retreat on Pacet. Pictures taken show the mountain retreat on the way up. Next morning, at 5.30am David and Nancy already surveyed the school and the countryside which we learned when we gathered for breakfast at 6am. We then went into the garden and saw the well planned " Santa Maria Garden " with the grotto right in front of Mount Kukusan. The 14 stations of the cross surrounds this garden with mango tress in between. Each station of the cross has reflexology stone like designs, which we used for our exercise. The grains on these stones were elongated and somewhat fits the acupuncture points on our feet. Activation on our immune system seems comfortable and a warm feeling of blood circulation at the lower torso was felt very quickly.

The Blessed Mother garden is serene . With Mountain ranges surrounding it, the air was really fresh. Sunrise at 5.30am saw our ladies doing their exercise at 6am. And where is David ?? Oh oh ! he is plucking mangoes. Unfortunately no pictures to show proof !!.

Besides the Mother Mary grotto, stations of the cross were well spaced around this garden ( 50sq m). Besides mango trees, there are also jack fruit trees, papaya trees and starfruit trees. Poor Samantha had to deal with the " mossy " as she is the fairest of them all.

Blessed Mother Mary mango orchid farm was an experience especially to Samantha and Patrice. The trees were all very healthy - " Mango Gadung " - a specie David couldn't help picking and tasting it every morning. Luckily not Apples. Pic also shows the ladies , after their qigong exercise , all set for sightseeing and " shopping ".

Sightseeing .Qigong Exercise and breakfast took the 1st three hours and at 9am we are all set to see the countryside, the apple plantations, the hillside plantations, hot spring, the river dam and Malang.

From Pacet to Batu. The drive from Pacet to Batu was a memorable one, especially for David. It was cross country and up and down mountain ridge lines. Winding and meandering along cliffs and rich cultivation ,it was however very scenic. Apple plantations and also in the backyards and gardens of private houses made us envy the lifestyle these people are enjoying. Fresh air, plenty of fruits and vegetables and hot springs to take the stress off , esp during weekends.

Pictures shows David and Nancy buying apples at 10cents each or 1kg ( 30 apples ) at 10,000rp.

Lunch at Batu, a popular town before we reach Malang. Food was sumptuous with Gurame, Ayam Penyek, Sambal, Soup Buntut, Satay Ayam, Soto Ayam, and Avocado and Jeruk (local orange juice ) and our favourite fish keropok to go along with. One meal that put all of us to sleep on our way to Malang

Reminiscing of her days when Michelle was schooling in Malang, Michelle said the town has changed drastically after 40 years , but the school motto of the Santa Maria Convent school remains the same. And ... what a pleasant sight to see 3 school girls reporting early and taking their turn to sweep the compound at 5. 45 am before school commences at 6.15am

Jembatan Kali Kromong 1. This bridge cross over Sungei Krombong which stretches for 8 km. The dam that was build provides fresh water to the entire Pacet community. Michelle and I was up early to catch the school children coming in at 6am. We visited the dam and did some qigong exercise to feel the " Negative Ion " provided by the artificial waterfall . It was really refreshing amidst the scenic sight of a laid back kampong . But with a hive of activities when farmers and school children go about their daily routine after 6am.

Pic shows visit to the dam just 500m away from Santa Maria Convent. After testing out the ground, perhaps another location for qigong exercise the next time around. We then set off to Mount Bromo - the highlight esp for the 2 children.

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