Saturday, December 5, 2009

Partying In SOLO

Partying In Solo. On arrival at Jogjakarta we were met by Michelle's sisters ,Nana and Connie. Without a minute to waste , we were whisked off to Jogjakarta famous SOTO stall. What a change in diet after Bali's food for one week We then drove for an hour to reach Solo Baru where we stayed and use it as a base to visit places of interest around Solo

Birthday Party - Javanese Tradition. Brother-in-law Pak Daradjadi happens to be celebrating his 72nd birthday. He is however 74 yrs old on that day according to Javanese customs - adding 2 more years . Yet to find out why ?

Pic above shows the birthday boy giving a thanks-giving speech.

According to Javanese tradition, the birthday boy will have to serve the 1st plate of food to either the oldest or youngest person attending the party. In this particular cast Pak Daradjadi , the birthday boy happens to be the oldest and Patrice, her grand niece, being the youngest.

The Facebeat. Local 5 piece band with 3 guitarists, a keyboard and drummer, this band specialised in Beatles' number. They perform monthly at different locations and at functions. Made up of 2 sets of brothers and a lead singer, Connie's husband Totok is a base guitarist.

The entire family was there to support Totok and his band - FACEBEAT

The evening ended after 2 hours of oldies from The Beatles album. Entertaining as the music went non stop except for a guest band . And Lucky Draw too - Patrice won something ??

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